What garment reminds you of your communal culture? How often have you worn it? Unfortunately, most people today have joined westernized dressing codes and have long forgotten their cultural trends. However, Han, an ethnic Chinese group native to Greater China, has endlessly shown their love for their culture, not forgetting their roots.

Although a better percentage of this tribe’s population has also joined the western culture, they have always graced their festivals and ritualistic ceremonies in specific cultural clothing. Led by their priests and monks, this tribe still cherishes hanfu, their long traditional wear. On an up-close with one of the proud Han Chinese members, it was noted that hanfu might need some slight familiarity for a while for anyone to get used to wearing it with ease.

It, however, is very comfortable and fun to wear and has been around for over 2000 years. It was worn by all the different classes of people as well as members of both genders. Not only was it a symbol of social status, but also a representation of one’s occupation.

The Complete Guide to Hanfu

With most people’s uncertainty about what hanfu is, this unique cultural garment has been over replaced with the western culture. The reason for this has always been fear of offense by not knowing if they should be wearing it or not.

The garment worn before the Qing dynasty consists of a long, loose robe and a narrow skirt. However, not many people wear Hanfu these days, leaving them for only a few priests and monks who know how to wear it.

How to Wear Hanfu?

There are numerous styles and types of hanfu, which differ by the cut, type of fabric, and motifs like flowers or birds. Despite being worn in China for thousands of years, hanfu has become popular again in the 20th century.

You can wear it as follows:

  1. Put on the Hanfu robe over your clothes without pulling it up over your head (you can use a belt to hold it up)
  2. Put on the skirt (hold up with a belt)
  3. Accessories can be put on after you finish dressing

However, no accessory is specifically worn with a hanfu. Some people might wear jewelry or headdress to accentuate their outfits. So it is generally up to the person wearing it to match their outfit.

What to Consider When Buying Hanfu?

The variety of hanfu styles and types makes it hard to know what to look for. The different types of hanfu are based on things like the garment’s material, style, and length. They range from simple cotton dresses for one-day wear up to intricate silk robes for formal occasions.

When buying hanfu, the most important factor is the quality of the fabric and how much it costs. Depending on your desired outfit, the coloring might also be a determiner since some of the most common traditional colors are red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

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