You will be amazed at how much it helps if you use a pressure washer to clean your walkway. It is simple and highly effective, making it excellent for cleaning outdoor surfaces. All you need is the machine with the right kind of nozzle, garden hose, detergent (for concrete), and some time on your hands.

A pressure washer pump is a critical component of a pressure washer. It is responsible for creating the pressure that is needed to clean surfaces. There are a few different pumps, but the axial pump is the most common.

First, you will need to mix the detergent into a bucket and fill it with hot water. You should always use the most scalding water possible, as it has more cleaning power. With this mixture in hand, you can begin pressure washing your walkway.

Here are some ways to effectively use this equipment:

Cleaning Dirt Buildup Around Street Lights

A pressure washer works well for removing dirt buildup around street lights or floodlights that may have accumulated over time. Start by flipping the switch off before unscrewing the light itself to avoid getting zapped with electricity when you remove it using long-handled pliers. Then take it down and spray it with the pressure washer at a 45-degree angle.

Using The Stream To Unclog Gutter

One of the best ways to use this equipment is to direct its powerful stream into your gutter. You can even buy a nozzle that helps you do that. This will help remove any dirt or other buildup in there which may have accumulated over time, clogging your gutters faster than usual.

Scrubbing The Sidewalk And Driveway

It is well-known that sidewalk stains are more challenging to remove than regular dirt stains because they are tough to scrub off manually, ancient ones. A pressure washer comes in handy here, too, because instead of using elbow grease for scrubbing, you can use its powerful stream. You can even add a small amount of chlorine into the water to help remove any mold or mildew that may have accumulated on your sidewalk surface over time.

Beam Them Down

Before using a pressure washer for this, make sure to read the instructions first and at least try it out on a small area of your walkway, if possible, before going deep into it. The company may have put unique markings around where they want you to direct their equipment not to damage surrounding areas. In some cases, there are specially designed nozzles that will only allow pressure washer fluid from being dispensed from certain parts of the machine so as not to cause damage either way. If you have an odd-shaped walkway, don’t be afraid to use the equipment thoroughly.

Wash The Weed Eater

If you have a weed eater at home, using this equipment is one of the best ways to get it clean again. Use the high-pressure stream to help remove any dirt buildup on its exterior or its blades. You can even direct that powerful stream into small crevices where dirt may have settled over time, although be careful because too much pressure can cause damage if aimed incorrectly.

Remember, when using a pressure washer around steel surfaces like street lights and iron bars, make sure you do not aim your machine directly toward them because even though they are made of metal themselves, they may still get damaged because of the pressure. Turn them off or move them out of the way first before using this equipment on your walkway.


A pressure washer is an instrumental piece of equipment to have around the house if you have a lot of work to do, ranging from washing your car and driveway to cleaning gutters and sidewalks. Just remember always to use it correctly and only in the areas where they are allowed. And if you want them to last longer, make sure not to leave them out in the sun when they are wet because this can cause rusting. Doing this will shorten their lifespan significantly.


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