Cats and dogs are common among pet owners. But, some owners like a pet that is furry like a cat and playful like a puppy. Hence, they pet guinea pigs as they are both fun and friendly.

However, guinea pigs are very fragile with their diets. Unlike other animals, guinea pigs cannot consume every kind of mineral. Hence, one needs to have in-depth knowledge about the beneficial nutrients of a guinea pig. However, many users prefer fresh food. But buying bulk guinea pig food will also work fine if you live in a distant place as they have the best before date.

What Should You Feed Your Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig resembles both a rat and squirrel. While they are adorable, they can be flimsy about what they eat. Below is some explanation that will help you understand the food interests of your guinea pig.

First, it is essential to mention that guinea pigs cannot consume too much calcium; although, calcium is excellent for bones. But the animal doesn’t require that kind of strength. So primary diet of a guinea pig is low calcium hay.

Guinea pigs also like pellet meat, so you can try adding it to the food schedule twice a week. Next, vegetables also count as a guinea pig’s favorite diet. They like vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, etc. Fruits are also good. But ensure that they have a good amount of Vitamin C and fiber.

Commonly you can feed apples, cucumbers, oranges, bell peppers, and strawberries to your guinea pig. You should remove any skin or seeds from the fruits so the pet can digest them easily.

Things to Avoid When Feeding Guinea Pig

Knowing what is suitable for your guinea pig is not enough. You also note that you should not feed a guinea pig.

Remember, guinea pigs don’t need calcium, and feeding them may cause indigestions. Hence, avoid dairy products at all costs. Next, you should refrain from mushrooms, onions, potatoes, iceberg lettuce, cabbage, avocado, chocolate, nuts, and garlic.

As mentioned above, you must ensure that your pet gets a balanced diet with only 10% calories. Moreover, you should provide Vitamin C in their diets as guinea pigs cannot produce Vitamin C in their bodies.

Essential Factors to Mind When Buying Guinea Pig Food

Ingredients Used

The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing guinea pig food is its ingredients. Unlike rabbits and hamsters, Guinea pigs cannot consume all kinds of diets. Hence, you should buy food with all the beneficial ingredients that don’t harm the guinea pig. An explanation of the healthy ingredients is present below.


Although, one doesn’t need to explain this factor; but some users overspend on the required ingredients, which is not correct. Especially if it’s your first time buying, you can’t be sure whether your little buddy likes the flavor or not. Hence, you must keep testing different foods until you find an excellent fit.

Moreover, guinea pig foods comprise mainly of some nutrients along with fruits and vegetables, for there is no need to overspend.

Nutrients Required

Diet flourishes your pet. So it must contain the nutrients that improve your guinea pig’s muscles, bones, and metabolism. Foods with insufficient nutrients do more harm than good. They consume your cash and don’t help the pet’s nourishment also.


Guinea pigs are adorable and fun to pet. However, they require special care in their diets. Therefore, the above article covers all the vital knowledge related to their food.

If you buy readymade food from the market, ensure that it has low calcium proportions and higher amounts of fiber and Vitamin C. Moreover, you can also feed fresh fruits and vegetables to your guinea pig. But ensure not to overdo them and remove any skins or seeds so the animal can digest them easily.


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