Dangers in climatic changes and their vast effects call for the need for acute environmental degradation management. This news on the need for environmental management brought up today’s vast revolution in the Li-ion battery world.

Lithium iron phosphate is now a key driver behind Tesla electric vehicles, and it’s steadily growing to several other sectors.

Lithium iron phosphate(LFP) has its major character as insolubility in water. This has made it the best inorganic compound for use in solar energy installations, power tools, and the different types of electric vehicles. In their vision and mission, the Lifepo4 battery manufacturers, Maxworld power producers, state; they aim to build out of nothing and improve what is already there.

However, there have been many unanswered questions about Lithium-ion differences and similarities to the new Lithium iron phosphate. Here are your all-time answers from Maxworld power. Please read on.

Lithium-Ion(Li-ion) Battery vs. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

Since their inception, Lithium-ion batteries have always stood out for being the best batteries in terms of their long life, thanks to their high charge density. However, their pricing to has been an issue with a relatively high cost per unit.

So their main differences are:

  1. Both lithium-ion and Lithium iron phosphate are rechargeable batteries. Each of them has lithium as one of their main components.
  2. Lithium-ion uses either Lithium cobalt dioxide (LiCo02) or Lithium Manganese Oxide (LiMn204) as the cathode. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) has Lithium iron phosphate (LifeP04) as the cathode.
  3. Lithium-ion has secondary cells whose construction involves submerging layers of lithium into an electrolyte and arranged in rectangular packs. LifeP04, on the other hand, has thermal and chemical stabilities of phosphate as key components in the making of their anode and cathode.
  4. Lithium-ion uses a liquid electrolyte that is common in most lithium batteries. The liquid electrolytes include LiPF6, LiBF4, and the organic solvent of LiCI04. LifeP04 uses Lithium salt in an organic solvent.
  5. One of the main advantages of Lithium-ion is its fast charge and discharge times. In contrast, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are stable under overcharge and can withstand high pressure without decomposing.
  6. The cathode in a lithium-ion battery has a high energy density making it perfect for phones and computers. In Lithium Iron Phosphate, the cathode is always of a good density. Highly stable and have longer lives.

Why Should You Choose a LiPo4 Over Other Batteries?

The LiFeP04 battery has an improved discharge efficiency guaranteeing a deep cycle in its maintenance plans. Despite being a valuable future investment and smart long term, the battery is more expensive than the lead-acid batteries in its applications and the environment. This should not have been the state because of the important climate change management effects.

However, anyone considering buying the LiFeP04 or a lead-acid battery will have the infrequent replacement of LiFeP04 to use; as compared to other batteries.

Some of the reasons why the battery is maintaining a lead over other cells include:


Maxworld power is standing out for producing the LifeP04 battery because of its minimized relatable hazardous events. The users can be sure of zero possible fire that may result from a collision or short-circuiting of the battery.


The Lifep04 has a battery capacity of 100Ah that is a double capacity in lead-acid batteries. This increases their lifespan thus their cycle as well. It also has a reduced battery charging period.


The battery has extremely lightweight that comes in handy for solar installations. The lightweight lowers the solar batteries installation cost, thus lowering the installation cost and fastening the project.

Maxworld power prides itself in its ISO standard manufacturing process and the integrated life-focused design of LiFeP04 batteries. Visit Maxworld power to learn more about these batteries that convert the future world into a green environment.


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