It is very easy to click on the “go now” icon on every advert about rabbit cages to make a purchase. You can build this cage yourself with the right tools and skills. However, there are some factors you need to consider before you buy or build a cage. Let’s take a look at some of the critical factors to build or buy a rabbit cage.

Determine if you want an indoor or outdoor cage

This is a major cause of concern for many people. We buy a rabbit because we feel it is a cute animal that we can keep. However, we forget to decide whether we want an indoor pet or an outdoor one. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the indoor rabbit cage will be neat because your eyes are always on the cage. But when you keep them outdoors, they may be dirty because you may not clean them regularly. On the contrary, keeping them outside gives you the opportunity to have more than one or two rabbits, unlike the indoor cages. Your preference and purpose are the influential factors that will determine the type of cage you want.

Consider how many rabbits you wish to keep

The number of rabbits you plan on keeping is an influential factor in determining the type and size of the rabbit cage you are building. It will also influence your choice of materials to use while you are building the rabbit cage. For instance, you can use weak wood to build a rabbit cage if you are just keeping between one and four rabbits. But when you are keeping more than ten rabbits, you need to use quality materials. The joint strength of the rabbits may damage the weak wood relatively easily.

Consider the rabbit safety

There is no use keeping a rabbit if you will lose them. Losing a rabbit is a situation that can occur when you are not doing the right thing. For instance, using a cage net that the rabbit can chew is dangerous. That is because the rabbit will chew it out of either play or hunger, but in the long run, it will injure them. Another thought of safety is necessary if you keep your rabbits outside. You need to ensure that the rabbits are in a safe space when other fearful animals come around. You must ensure that the cage is very thick and also that the rabbit has a safe space to run within the cage.

Consider the rabbits’ comfort

The only reason there is no place like home is because of the peace and comfort that comes with the home. Take your mind off the fact that rabbits are animals and provide the comfort for them to play, sleep, and enjoy their home. You may need toys and constructive suggestions from experts.


Building a rabbit cage is a task you can undergo yourself, especially if you are an expert or at least have the requisite DIY skills. You will only need the tools, the right processes, as discussed in this guide, and of course, your guts. It is, however, pertinent to build under the able supervision of a technically sound professional who has some experience in building such structures.


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