Wigs are a great way to change up your look and add some pizzazz to your style. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Many people choose lace closure wigs because they are lighter than full lace wigs, but still look very realistic. One of the benefits of lace closure wig human hair is that they can be parted anywhere on the scalp and styled in different ways.

If you have a lace closure wig, you will need to know how to detangle it properly so that you do not damage the hair or scalp underneath it.

Must-know things About Detangling Lace Closure Wigs

The first step in learning how to detangle lace closure wigs is knowing what tools are best for the job. You should use either a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush when detangling your wig. Both of these tools have metal teeth that help separate each strand of hair without pulling out too much natural hair or damaging your scalp underneath the wig cap or closure piece.

The next step in learning how to detangle lace closure wigs is knowing how much tension you should apply when using these tools on your hairpiece. You want as little tension as possible while still being able to move through each strand smoothly

At the same time There are several reasons why your lace closure might get tangled and they include:

  • You did not take out your wig before washing it
  • You did not use styling products or heat tools on your wig after wearing it
  • Your hair has grown out too much and needs to be trimmed down before wearing again

How to Detangle the Wigs

Here’s how to ensure your lace closure wig is detangled:

Brush it out first. Use a wide-tooth comb or brush

A lot of people like to brush their wigs before they wash them because this helps get rid of tangles and knots. You can use a wide tooth comb or brush when attempting to detangle your lace closure wig. You should start at the bottom and work your way up through each layer until you reach the top where all of the hair is connected together again at one point.

Use conditioner instead of shampoo

Shampoo (even clarifying) will dry out your hair and cause breakage. Instead, try using conditioner as your primary shampoo alternative. (or no shampoo at all). Washing your wig in a bathtub or sink is best, but you can also use a basin or bucket if you don’t have tub access (just make sure not to soak your wig completely). Use a mild shampoo or conditioner that’s made for synthetic wigs (there are many brands out there!). If you’re using shampoo, apply it by massaging it into the wig cap until sudsy then rinse thoroughly under running water until all the suds are gone (the longer you leave the suds on there, the more likely they’ll be to strip away any oils that are already present).

Don’t brush too aggressively

Lace closure wigs are delicate! If you brush too vigorously, you’ll damage the threads holding your wig together and cause holes to form in the lace area where your hair is sewn onto the cap. It also causes unnecessary shedding, so you really need to be cautious about the intensity of the your brush on the wig.


Lace closure wigs are made with loose strands of hair to give the wig an authentic and natural look. These loose strands can get tangled in no time if not maintained properly. Here are some tips to help you detangle your lace closure wig.

The reason why you need to detangle the hair on lace closure wigs, is because human hair tangling will happen. No matter how much you wash and comb your virgin hair, there will always be some tangling and knots that you don’t see at first, but are easy to avoid if you follow these simple steps.


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