Electronic cigarettes are everywhere and although they have been on the market for decades, they are very fashionable right now and it is very common to see them especially among young people. To know how it works, it is important to know what are the parts that make it up and models such as those found at https://www.myuwell.com/products.html.

To know how these devices work, it will be necessary to know each part that composes it and the job that each one of them fulfills. Even experienced vapers do not know very well about this information, so if you are a beginner the data you will find here will be very useful.

The electronic cigarette basically is a device with which you can inhale vapor, instead of a smoke with nicotine given off by tobacco. On the market there are many models and shapes, so you can choose the vape pen, which is quite traditional, or experiment with the most modern designs on sale.

If you are curious, then we invite you to learn about the components, or parts of an electronic cigarette so you know what it really does and how it works.

On and off button

Since it is an electronic device, it obviously has a button to turn on the electronic cigarette and also to turn it off. The location of the button varies depending on the model of the vaper, so you will probably have to look at the instruction manual.

However, this button is almost always very well identified so it is very easy to locate on the device.


This is the part where the user must put his lips to start inhaling. The mouthpiece must be kept clean to maintain hygienic conditions.

The mouthpiece is very easy to clean, and there will not be that nicotine taste sensation in the mouth, which with traditional cigarettes stays for hours on the lips.


Electronic cigarettes have an atomizer, which some also call a container, just this piece is the one that concentrates the liquid. Most of these devices are made of stainless steel or pyrex, and the capacity can vary depending on the model you buy.

Generally, the atomizer container, depending on the brand and type of vape, can hold from 2 ml to 10 ml.


The battery is obviously an important part of the e-cigarette. These vary depending on the model you choose, but generally, batteries have an approximate intensity between 600 and 900 mAH.

Most electronic cigarettes are rechargeable, so make sure that the device comes with all its accessories, such as the USB cable for charging.

The duration will also depend on how much you use it and how many puffs you take during the day. The user is in control of both the amount of liquid and the battery life.

Vaping liquid

The liquid, also known as e-liquid, is the element that evaporates in order to inhale. This liquid is found in the market and is made up of various substances, some of them with nicotine and others free of it.

The components mixed in the liquids are vegetable glycerin, nicotine, propylene glycol, among many other flavors and aromas. Today in the market there are hundreds of flavors that you can use, so we recommend you to use your favorite one.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes work thanks to the heating of the liquid stored in the atomizer. Once exposed to high temperatures, it begins to evaporate and come out through the mouthpiece once you have inhaled it.


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