There are several types of washers out there in the market that can leave a common buyer confused. Moreover, the technical specifications further leave all the buyers in a fix. So if you’re troubled with what’s a 2000 psi 1.2 gpm washer, here’s everything you should know about it. Learn about it, how it works, and what are some salient benefits of the product.

2000 PSI 1.2 GPM Explained In Details

A washer with a capacity of throwing 1.2 gallons of water in one minute is termed as 1.2 GPM. And then it the water stream pressure is about 2000 PSI, it’s termed as 2000 PSI pressure washer. Both of them are different specifications but considered collectively. A 1.2 GPM washer is generally considered average but high capacity washers can go up to 5 gpm too. Moreover, a 2000 PSI is fairly strong, which can throw water to long distances. You can water your garden from several meters away standing at one point. When buying a washer, look for these specifications on the box or ask the seller for the details.

Working Structure

The working structure is similar to any pressure washer. You need to attach one pipe to a water source from where the motor will harvest water. Then the motor will throw the water to another hose or a pipe, which is called the outlet. The water quantity that will be harvested from the water source depends on the GPM value. Then, the motor will throw the water through the outlet pipe, whose speed depends on the PSI. Higher pressure indicates that the motor will throw water at a high pressure. Adjust the pressure and see the difference in the distance that the stream covers.

Advantages Of A 2000 PSI Washer With 1.2 GPM

Helps In General Household Cleaning

If you’ve got a backyard or a driveway, or perhaps a garage, you can effectively wash them. A water washer can replace a regular mop washing approach. Simply turn on the washer, and direct the stream to the floor at a low pressure so that the water doesn’t splash all over the place. You don’t need to move around the entire room or the area. Just stand at a place and keep aiming at the dirt and dust in your garage/driveway/ or any other surface.

Much Effective Than Regular Washing

If you’re limited to washing the floor by hands or a mop, you will see a major difference in the output when using a washer. A pressure washer can clean any surface better than manual cleaning. Expect no stains or spots on the ground. Also, you don’t need to put in much efforts in the process. As a result, you won’t get tired and still get effective cleaning results in a bliss.

Gets Work Done In A Breeze

Regular washing is very time-consuming but a washer can help you save time. You can get things done in a breeze and expect no errors from the product. A machine is always faster than a human and this machine, otherwise called a washer can literally save a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, the cleaning is way smoother and produces better results.


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