Are you a regular user of electronic cigarettes? Then you probably know about the automizer, which uses heating technologies in a vape pen. But if you’re a beginner and have recently switched from regular smoking to electronic vaping, then you have a lot to learn about. You might have a general idea, but it has been made much more advanced in recent years. The heating technology called Corex used in the vaporesso vape atomizers are an important component of a vape pod.

To fully enjoy the vaping experience, you have to have full knowledge about it. This article will discuss about the innovative Corex heating technology that is featured inside the Vaporesso vape pen atomizer. You will get to know about its advantages and some other aspects. Stay tuned till the end!

Corex- Heating Technology In Vaporesso

In Vaporesso vaping pen pods, Corex heating technology is featured. This technology, when launched into the market, attracted vapers like moths to light because of its immense advantages. There was a common complaint from vapers about the coil not heating up faster and in a consistent manner. Corex solved this problem by using a morph mesh coil which features a large surface area allowing the heat to be consistent and even throughout. It also uses calamus cotton, which retains 40% more flavor when it is compared to normal and old traditional cotton.

Advantages Of Corex Heating Technology

Corex provides its users with immense benefits, which are given below:

Perfect Ratio Of Nicotine Delivery

Due to the amazingly positioned pores, their dimensions and distribution and all of this combined with the heating embedded mesh element the corex heating technology can vaporize the liquid to the maximum capacity. Because of all this process, it is able to produce more than 65% plus nicotine delivery.

Flavorful Puffs With Consistency

The corex technology features microporous inlet holes that are evenly distributed and proportioned. This enables the e-liquid and heat to flow swiftly and easily. The fast-heating technology quickly heats up. In addition, the micro-fiber wick helps in retaining the flavor more efficiently in a larger quantity. So, when you take a puff every time, you get a punch of delightful flavors.

Long-lasting and durable   

Other traditional coils do not last much longer. This is because first, the coil is in a spiral shape, and second, the heat is concentrated in a single place which ruins the coil rendering it useless in no time. On the other hand, corex heating technology features a durable mesh coil with a large surface area. It is thin from the center and thick from the edges, which really helps the coil to last longer, even after immense usage.

The Bottom Line

The coil can last for a very long time, but the only thing that will need an occasional replacement is the coil and, occasionally, the cotton. But this is also reduced with the use of calamus cotton, which is made up of high-quality microfibers and is fluffier than traditional cotton.


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