The growth of UGreen as a car phone holder business and other accessories is an inspiring one. This brand is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent brands delivering quality amongst other brands that offer the phone holders. However, it never means the Ugreen brand has had an easy ride. Picking a Ugreen phone holder can be a daunting task for you because of the perfection of each one of their products. You will not exactly know which one to pick. This article will guide you on the things to check out before choosing.

The size

Your phone has its perfect dimensions, and what Ugreen tries to do is to solve the puzzle of phone sizes by creating adjustable phone holders among their products. Also, they have magnetic phone holders that you can drop on the dashboard in front of you or any other place around the car. These magnetic phone holders do not exactly work with your phone size. The magnet on the phone holder is all you need to ensure your phone remains firm within the holder. Luckily, the Ugreen brand uses neodymium magnets for its products. These types of magnets are usually the strongest types and are firm when you use them.

Sometimes, the brand uses up to four of these magnets for their products to ensure your phone will never come off, no matter how rough your road or driving can get. It is important to choose these types of phone holders if you’re not sure of the size of phone you have.

Design of the car phone holder

You can design something that is beautiful and durable, but as long as it is not functional, people will hardly buy it. A good example is the cup car, and phone holder. Some cars have space that can contain only large water bottles, while some can contain cups. If you go ahead to design a cup car phone holder, you can rest assured that only the people with that cup opening can patronize it. If anyone using the bottle holder buys it, it will be a mistake.

Ugreen has a lot of designs for their products based on the different functions. It is your duty to check the different designs and pick your favorite.


When something is beautiful, you will try to maintain the beauty as much as possible. That is the same phenomenon with users of car phone holders. They try their best to ensure that their car’s beauty is not damaged no matter what they want to use. Hence, a car phone holder should add to the beauty of the car’s interior.

Thus, while manufacturers focus on durability and quality, you should also hold on to good aesthetics. That is the only way people will keep coming back. All Ugreen products have beautiful and minimal designs that will not alter the interior design of your vehicle. So you are safe when it comes to interior design.


An excellent way to buy any Ugreen car holder is by understanding the Ugreen brand to understand its manufacturing process. This brand focuses on providing maximum quality without an unreasonable increase in the price of these products. You can choose any Ugreen product and rest assured of the quality.


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