There’s no question about it; buying a pressure washer for your home has numerous benefits and is worth your money. From renewing your patio or pavement to cleaning those hard-to-reach places of your house that a bar of ordinary soap and brush can’t reach, the pressure washer’s many uses have made it earn a spot in many people’s garages. Additionally, brands like sun joe have sprung up with different specifications to suit homeowners’ needs. However, whether to get a wall mounted or a conventional pressure washer is a question that is on many people’s minds.

Benefits of a wall mounted pressure washer over a traditional pressure washer

Choosing either a wall mounted pressure washer or the traditional pressure washer may look like a walk in the park, but it’s no easy feat. Both machines can complete the cleaning objectives, but one has more advantages than the other. Keep reading this article to learn why this pressure washer is the most preferred machine over the conventional pressure washer.

It takes up less storage

A wall mounted pressure washer will take up less or unused storage when mounted on the wall. For the conventional pressure washer, you’ll have to allocate some space in the garage for it. Additionally, the traditional pressure washer will need to be moved when you want to clean the garage, making it prone to damage; however, with a wall mounted pressure washer, you don’t have to worry once it’s mounted. If you don’t have a garage or enough space to fix your pressure washer, you now know what to do.

Length of the hose

Pressure washers come in different specifications, especially on the length of the hose. The hose length is essential as it determines the number of tasks that it can do conveniently. Needless to say that the longer the hose, the easier it is to accomplish tasks around the house. The washer has an average hose length of 100 feet. Some of these washers even come with a reel attached for convenience. However, the traditional pressure washer only has 20 to 40 feet of hose length, thus, making it unable to perform specific tasks.

Ease of use

This pressure washer is safely mounted on the garage wall and has at least 100 feet of usable hose length available. Others even come with different nozzles that can be switched at will. These features make the pressure washer easier to use than the conventional washer that requires carrying to and from the garage. Additionally, the wall mounted pressure washer comes with an automatic retractable hose that needs you to push a button and leave the washer to do the rest.


A pressure washer is an incredible machine that has changed how homeowners care for their property. While both pressure washers are excellent for cleaning and restoring surfaces, the wall mounted pressure washer beats the conventional pressure washer in hose length, ease of use, and storage. If you’re convinced about the benefits of a wall mounted pressure washer, head on to our website and get yourself one today.


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