Closure wigs come in a wide range of sizes, like a 5X5 closure wig and others. Before getting into the various closure wig sizes, it would be wise to understand what a closure wig is. A closure is the base of a wig. It is the part on which the hairs are sewn and the one that gets into direct contact with your head. They are usually designed only to cover the central front part of the head. Closures are also applied in weaves. Weaves are hair bundles or extensions sewn on a cap or directly onto braided hair. In this case, the closures are usually applied at the frontal center of the head to provide a natural appearance. Regardless, understanding the various closure wig sizes and how to choose the ideal one would be wise.

The standard closure wig sizes

The following are some standard closure wig sizes you must know of;

1. 4X4 closure wig sizes

These closure wigs measure four inches across (left to right) and four inches up and down (from forehead to back). They are the smalled closure wig size on the market. They are also the cheapest and most ideal option for wearers with a small budget. 4X4 closure wigs are also relatively easy to wear without glue, thanks to their small size. However, they are limiting when it comes to styling options.

2. 5X5 closure wig sizes

These wigs are slightly larger than the former. They are also slightly more convenient and flexible compared to the former. They are a great choice for various occasions like dating, partying, weddings, work, and school. They also offer more styling flexibility than 4X4 lace closures.

3. 6X6 lace closure sizes

These closure wigs cover a larger area. This makes them more costly than the other two wig closure sizes. They are also ideal for various styles. For instance, you can achieve middle and size parts with these closures. Thanks to their larger size, these wig closures are slightly similar to frontal lace wigs.

How to pick the right closure wig sizes

Now that you understand the various closure wig sizes, you can choose the right one. Below is are some things to consider when selecting an ideal size;

  • Cost- the cost of the closure wig depends on how large or small it is. Naturally, smaller closure wigs are cheaper, and vice versa
  • Look- the look you wish you achieve will also determine your choice. For instance, if you want a closure wig that resembles a frontal lace wig, a 6X6 would be perfect
  • Styling versatility- the size of the closure wig significantly affects its styling versatility. For instance, 6X6 closure wigs offer more versatility than 4X4 closure wigs

Understand that choosing a closure wig size is different from choosing a wig to capsize. This is because the closure only goes at the front of your head while a wig cap goes around your head.


Closure wigs come in varying materials or laces. For instance, there are HD, transparent, and regular lace closure wigs. When selecting the ideal type of closure material, ensure to discover the pros and cons of each type.


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