Lots of people think shedding occurs only in synthetic wigs; if you’re one of them, then you all are wrong. Natural or human hair wigs are also prone to shedding. This is actually not uncommon and not restricted to particular colors, be it a brown wig, a burgundy wig, or even a honey blonde wig.

Shedding of wigs results from different reasons, including production issues, wrong ways of brushing, over-shampooing or shampooing wrongly, use of chemicals, and several other reasons. No matter the quality of wigs you have, they are not immune to shedding, and you shouldn’t view this as something only low-quality wigs go through.

Although shedding is normal, it shows that the wig is poorly made when it gets excessive. A few of the factors that may contribute to this have been listed above, but to control the shedding of wigs, a few tips will be detailed below.

Tips On How To Control Shedding Of Wigs

Stop over-brushing

Brushing your wigs regularly is good as this gets rid of tangles, but over-brushing is a really bad idea. You may not know that you’re over-brushing your wig, so it is advisable to brush until there are no more tangles and not more than that.

Also, to control the shedding of wigs, you should use the right hairbrush. This enables detangling without pulling the hair strands. When brushing your wig, always start from the tip to the root and not form mid-strands.

Avoid scratching your head

No matter how tempted you are to scratch your head, you shouldn’t. Instead, you can pat the itchy spot gently with your palm.

Scratching loosens the knots that hold your wig, eventually leading to shedding. Patting, on the other hand, will soothe the spot for that period until you get to somewhere you can remove the wig.

Seal your knots

Sealing involves securing the hair at the weft of the wig with a sealant. The sealant is usually an adhesive in liquid form. Doing this helps control shedding and prolongs your wig’s life span.

Use the right wig-care products

You shouldn’t use some products on your wigs. Such products include those with alcohol and other concentrated chemicals.

You should go with the ones made perfectly for wigs that usually have low alcohol content. Also, always moisturize your wigs to get the best shine.

Avoid manipulative styles

As tempting as it is to style your wig in various ways every day, it is not advisable. Changing your wig style frequently leads to an increase in shedding. It could be coloring your wig too many times, using flat irons more than is necessary, or even bleaching your wig.

You should know that bleaching your wigs weakens the hair strands, thereby leading to reduced quality and shedding. Simple styles are always the best in ensuring the durability of your wigs.


Loving your wigs doesn’t mean you should over-pamper them, as this may lead to you actually doing more than is necessary. When it comes to wigs, the lesser, the better; they last longer. Use the tips above to assist you in controlling the shedding of wigs without much hassle, thereby prolonging their lasting period.


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