Honey blonde lace front wigs are some of the most popular wigs in the current market. While the lace front aspect of the honey blonde hair wigs has a lot to do with their popularity, the hair color also plays a significant role. Honey blonde is one of the popular shades of blonde hair. This is a soft and natural hair color that anyone can pull off. This post discusses all the essential details you should know about honey blonde hair.

Characteristics of honey blonde hair

The following are some of the primary characteristics of this hair;

  • Honey blonde can be found around the level 7-8 color series close to the range of medium to light blonde
  • It is generally a warm-toned blonde shade with slight gold, brown, or red undertones
  • It is known as honey blonde hair because it looks like jarred honey you can purchase at a farmer’s market
  • It is a timeless classic hair color ideal for all ages and skin tones
  • It is often confused for caramel blonde. However, it features more golden undertones. Regardless, a lot of people still cannot tell apart the two colors

·        Is blonde hair right for you?

You can determine the ideal shade of blonde for you by considering your skin tone. The trick is to pick a shade slightly contrasting your skin tone. For instance, golden and warmer blonde tones would be perfect if you have a pale skin tone. Remember that honey blonde hair is a warm shade of blonde. Therefore, it would be perfect for people with pale to bronze skin tones.

·        How to achieve blonde hair

Achieving honey blonde hair is not as easy as other primary colors like brunet and classic blonde. You must use bleach to lift your existing color, establish a clear canvas, and then apply the honey blonde dye. You can also customize your hair color by combining different gold, brown, and red amounts. Your choice of technique will be determined by the look you wish to achieve.

  • How to care for your honey blonde wig or hair
  • You can care for your hair by doing the following;
  • Maintaining frequent salon schedules
  • Using shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair
  • Investing in purple shampoo and conditioner
  • Ensure your hair is constantly moisturized
  • Applying a hair mask to restore the hair that was damaged during the coloring process (this works for natural hair, not wigs)

Shades of honey blonde

The most common shades of honey blonde are;

  • Light honey blonde- this is a pale version of the color a few levels away from platinum
  • Honey blonde balayage- this is honey blonde with a dark base


Applying dyes and bleaches to your natural hair can significantly damage it. It can cause thinning and hair breakage. This is why wigs are incredible. You can acquire wigs with different colors and shades and change them out as you wish. Also, with human hair wigs, you can use dyes and bleaches to play around with different colors. This is safer and healthier than coloring your natural hair.


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