Human hair wigs are taking the beauty industry by storm in many ways. One of the reasons for the fame surrounding human hair wigs is that they’re incredibly soft and have a natural look.

However, it’s upon you to apply some styling to your wig and ensure it looks flawless. Besides, styling is one of the ways you care for your wig.

Not only should you figure out how to style your wig, but you also need to learn how to style it to compliment your look.

Learning how to style your human hair wig shouldn’t be a tedious exercise. You have all the information you need online to learn from.

Let’s explore six steps to style your wig.

6 Effective Steps to Style Your Human Hair Wig

1. Trim The Wig’s Lace

Begin by trimming the laces. If your wig is lace front, it probably has a pre-cut lace.

However, if your wig is not lace front, you must eliminate the lace to give it a decent look. This process is delicate and requires steady hands and a perfect pair of scissors.

With all the tools at hand, go ahead with the actual process.

Begin by cutting a quarter-inch of the lace evenly in the sides and the front side of the wig.

2. Choose a Long & Fluid Scissor Strokes

You should choose this type of scissors because you don’t want to end up with jagged edges.

Moreover, if you’re not used to doing it, you can cut away the lace in small portions. This gives you time to perfect the art, unlike cutting the entire lace at once.

In addition, cutting away too much of the lace will destroy the excellent look of your wig.

3. Define The Part to Trim

This step requires a wide-tooth comb. Use it to create a section on one side of your hair. However, if it’s a challenge doing it this way, you can follow the partitioning done by your hairstylist.

As such, if you’re doing this alone without the assistance of a professional, begin by placing the wig on your head and deciding on where to part your hair.

Be sure to center your hair when parting.

4. Actual Styling

Perhaps, some people style their wigs perfectly by putting them on their heads, while others prefer to stand the wig.

Either way, choose the design which you’re used to, and that works best for you. You can apply the styling foam on the wig since a wet wig is much easier to style.

5. Dry Your Human Hair Wig Effectively

Use your towel to blot the wig hair gently. Besides, use a blow dryer to style your human hair wig.

Besides, other tools you can use to dry your wig are curling iron and electric rollers.

6. Adding a Shinning Effect

To make sure your human hair wig looks beautiful enough, you can use a BeautyMark to add a natural shine.

Also, this step prolongs the life of your wig.


Apply the steps above to make your wig look flawless and stunning. That way, you give your inner beauty a chance to shine.


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